Information for workshops

You who have a workshop have access to several different functions in connection with your login account with us. You can group your spare parts suppliers, save searches and parts, order, chat with the image assemblies, get access to your discounts, become an invoice customer and if you have the CABAS Parts service, you can also send damage calculations to individual image assemblies or a grouping of image assemblies.

Search with selected spare parts suppliers

Do you have regular suppliers from whom you order spare parts? You can then create one or more lists, where you select the image mounts that will be included in each list selection. Then, in the filtering in the answer list, you can choose to only see car parts that your spare parts suppliers have in stock.

Save searches and parts

If you want to save and compare several spare parts, it is perfectly possible to click on the heart symbol that is in the picture on each spare part. You can also save the search you did to quickly return to the response result.

Order parts

It has never been so easy as now to order spare parts through our service. You get a good order overview and follow-up of your orders.


You can quickly chat with the picture assemblies regarding the car part you want to buy. You therefore do not have to wait on the phone and the chat log is also included in your order.

Discounts and invoice customer

The car assemblers themselves enter which workshops they wish to give a discount to and which they invoice. If you can not see your discount at your spare parts supplier or do not have the opportunity to choose an invoice on our site, you should contact them to be prepared with these settings.


Does your workshop use CABAS Parts? Complete the recipient list in Basic data > Spare parts suppliers > New and select your disassemblers and also the BILDELSBASEN group.

Send Spare Parts Request > Recipient

Option A) Select individual disassembly directly from the list.

Option B) Select only the IMAGE BASE in the list. The search is then sent out to all dismantlers.

More information

Response to damage calculations

On September 30, 2013, the company CAB Group AB launched the CABAS Parts function for used search. The car repair shops can now send damage calculations to their image assemblies and get the answer directly into their CABAS system. Bildelsbasen AB has developed a system for the car assemblies where they can handle damage calculations and, if necessary, also easily select car parts from the 130 car assemblies that are currently included on the site Is your car parts supplier not included in the listing in your CABAS system? Ask them to contact us at Bildelsbasen AB.

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Information for workshops