Our values form the basis for how we operate and develop our own activities.


The services we develop are carefully designed to develop the right projects at the right time, while keeping costs down through targeted development. The functions should appeal to the majority of existing customers and have a time-saving effect at the customer.

Customer focus

Our customers shall experience our services as affordable, time-saving and the obvious tool for managing everyday work. The customer shall experience that the more efficiently they work with our services, the more they get back in the form of sales.

Focus on the visitor

Our visitors are the most important thing we have. Without visitors we cannot keep our own customers happy. We therefore prioritize the visitor's experience, security and safety. In the background we also build functionalities that make it easier for our customers to provide the best possible service to visitors.


We are proud to deliver services mainly to companies that work with the sales of used car parts and reconditioned parts. Our service increases accessibility and enables reuse of used car parts. In this way, we can together contribute towards reduced environmental impact.