You = You as a consumer
Seller = The company that advertises on bildelsbasen.se. The seller handles and is responsible for your order
Bildelsbasen.se = Sales market for spare parts for vehicles
Article = Spare part


In order for the seller to be able to check that the item fits with your vehicle, it is important to provide as much information as possible.

  • Enter your registration number.
  • State your car make, car model, body and year model.
  • Provide original number and / or article number. The information is on your item to be replaced, either punched or labeled. Photograph this information and send to the seller.
  • Feel free to attach a picture of your article and possibly also a picture of the vehicle.
  • Request the seller to confirm that they have checked that the item fits.
  • Use Bildelsbasen.se order management system (inquiry / purchase) to get a written basis.

You have the right to contact the seller directly for help with complaints, right of withdrawal and other help that affects your order. Read about your rights as a consumer www.konsumentverket.se . You have the right to have a dispute heard outside the court of Consumer Complaints (ARN), www.arn.se . The seller is required to follow ARN's recommendations. See also the European Commission's website for alternative dispute resolution https://ec.europa.eu/odr .


All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. Bildelsbasen.se and the Seller reserve the right to cancel orders, regardless of whether it concerns inaccuracies such as stock balance, price, technical problems or bulk orders. In the event of any incorrect information, you have the right to cancel your purchase, with reference to the Consumer Purchase Act.


The seller can not be held responsible for loss of stored information. Therefore, save all information and photos before your purchase, as well as confirmations and receipts thereafter. Articles that are sold are read from Bildelsbasen.se.


When ordering via Bildelsbasen.se, you must be able to receive e-mail. When the order is registered, a confirmation by e-mail with information about your order. It is good if you save this email to have at hand in case of any contact with the seller. Missing confirmation? Please check about the confirmation ended up in your spam. You can also check your order via the login account at Bildelsbasen.se which was created in connection with your question/order. When you place an order on Bildelsbasen.se, our system automatically sends out an order confirmation to your email. In connection with this, the seller also receives your order and only then has it possibility to manage the order by checking that all items are available and correspond advertised condition and has the right price. The seller also checks that the items fit if you requested this. Read the order confirmation carefully when you receive it and research the order confirmation consistent with the order. The seller reserves the right to cancel your order or parts of this if the article you ordered has sold out or has other errors or does not fit your vehicle.


Each item may have different shipping & payment methods as well as additional shipping & payment fees. Current alternatives are presented before the completed and approved order.

Possible options that sellers can offer are as below:

  • Pick up at the seller: No fees will be added if you choose to pick up and pay in cash at the seller. In the case of prepaid orders, or orders that are to be paid by invoice or partial payment, fees may apply and it is also required to present the customer's identification at collection.
  • Cash on delivery: Pay the entire order value when you pick up the package. NOTE! Only MyPack can be sent as cash on delivery, larger items require DPD Business Packages and must be paid in advance. When you choose to pay by cash on delivery, a fee will be added. Current fees are presented before completed and approved orders.
  • Plusgiro / Bankgiro: According to agreement with seller, you transfer the current amount to the seller's specified Plusgiro / Bankgiro and with reference number. Then feedback to the seller that payment has been made. Once the seller has checked your payment, your order is delivered.
  • Invoice: The seller offers in collaboration with Fortus Finance invoicing to private individuals and workshops, with payment terms 14 days and 30 days respectively. Invoice fee is added and varies depending on order value. An invoice is included in the package and you easily pay to BankGiro or PlusGiro. Delivery by invoice takes place only to the population register (private individuals) or registered (company) address. The credit limit is floating and is calculated before the purchase is completed. At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. More information is available at https://www.fortusfinance.com .
  • Direct payment: For those who are connected to the internet bank at SEB, Swedbank, Nordea or Handelsbanken. When you choose to make a purchase, you will be sent to your internet bank where you can log in in the usual way. The money is deducted directly from your account in connection with you approving the transaction.
  • Bank / Credit card: VISA and MasterCard / EuroCard. Fill in your card number and the card's validity period, as well as the card's CVV2 / CVC code. The money is reserved directly from your account in connection with you approving the transaction. All information regarding transactions is sent via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and is encrypted for very high security. Integrated partner for card and direct payment is Nets Easy.
  • Swish / Swish Trade: When choosing Swish, you carry out your order and afterwards you get the Swish number to pay in to. At Swish Handel, you can pay for your order directly in connection with the order by opening your Swish app and approving the payment request.

The processing time can vary and is also affected by weekends and public holidays. Delivery time is stated in the item information. In case of urgent delivery, please state this in the message field when requesting / ordering. There you can announce that if the order can not be delivered and be available for collection at a certain date, you wish that it is not delivered but instead canceled. However, the seller can not guarantee the actual delivery time after the responsibility has been handed over to the shipping company, but on the other hand the opportunity to process the order quickly. When purchasing extra services regarding your delivery that burden the seller financially, the seller has the right to invoice you for this cost afterwards. Examples of costs are extra delivery, change of delivery location, recipient, delivery time and delivery service.


Please contact the seller before returning the item. The seller then informs about how a return is made. If you ordered via Bildelsbasen.se order handling system, contact is best made by logging in and entering the current order (Delivered / Received), fill in the reason for return and click on the Request return button.


The right of withdrawal is regulated in the Act on Distance Contracts and Contracts Outside Business Premises (2005: 59). The right of withdrawal does not apply to traders. As a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal and the withdrawal period begins to run the day after you receive the product. You have the right to cancel your purchase without special reason. You also have the right to open the packaging and examine the product to the extent required to assess whether you are satisfied with it. If the product has been handled to a greater extent than was necessary (to determine properties and function), the seller reserves the right to make a depreciation deduction on the amount to be repaid. The depreciation deduction corresponds to the actual depreciation of the individual product and it is the seller who has the burden of proof for the size of the depreciation. Contact the seller before returning goods or follow any instructions provided. You can contact the seller via your login account or by e-mail, letter or telephone. We recommend that this is done as logged in to Bildelsbasen.se and the order in question. Then wait for a message from the seller. You must leave or send the product back to the seller without undue delay and no later than within 14 days at your own expense. Also send with any return form sent with you when returning or use the Consumer Agency's regret form ( You must leave or send the product back to the seller without undue delay and no later than within 14 days at your own expense. Also send with any return form sent with you when returning or use the Consumer Agency's regret form ( You must leave or send the product back to the seller without undue delay and no later than within 14 days at your own expense. Also send with any return form sent with you when returning or use the Consumer Agency's regret form (https://publikationer.konsumentverket.se/kontrakt-och-mallar/angerblankett).

In invoking the right of withdrawal:

  • Contact and inform the seller within 14 days of receiving the item.
  • Return the item with carton and the intended inner packaging as soon as possible after you have notified the seller that the agreement has been withdrawn and follow the seller's instructions regarding return.
  • Save your receipt on the shipment as proof that you have sent the item back.
  • Refunds are made no later than 14 days from when the item was received by the seller or when the consumer can show that the item has been sent back. The seller does not redeem packages against cash on delivery. Uncollected shipment is not considered as exercise of the right of cancellation and you will then be charged for the full return shipping costs. The right of withdrawal does not apply to articles that are specially manufactured according to the consumer's wishes, which results in the article not being able to be sold again. The right of withdrawal also does not apply if the total order value is less than SEK 400.
  • Uncollected consignment is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal. You are responsible for return shipping. The right of withdrawal does not apply to items that are specially manufactured according to the consumer's wishes, which results in the item not being resold.

As a consumer, you have a 3-year right to make a complaint, in order to be able to complain about a defect (eg defect in goods, incorrect delivery, transport damage), you must do this within a reasonable time (normally within 2 months) from the time you discovered the defect. You must also be able to prove your purchase in the event of a complaint, we recommend enclosing a receipt or delivery note. In the event of a complaint that occurs after six months have passed, the burden of proof prevails instead, which means that you as the buyer must prove that it is an original defect.


If the transport packaging of the delivered item is damaged, ask the carrier or clerk to make a remark before acknowledging the package. Also keep all packaging in case of damage. The item must be unpacked immediately to see if anything is missing or damaged. Sometimes a delivery damage may be invisible on the packaging while the item may have been damaged. Notification of damaged goods must be reported to the seller without delay.


The seller is responsible for informing you about the quality of the item. When it comes to a used product, you have to accept that it may have certain shortcomings without being faulty according to the law. However, if the item has errors that the seller did not inform about or that you could not detect at the time of purchase, the seller must correct the error or give you a price deduction. In the event of a dispute, the seller follows ARN's recommendations.


The majority of all items are quality controlled but are sold as is. The quality of the article is reported in the answer list and inside the article information. The seller is not responsible for so-called included wear parts / consumables that may be included in the purchased car part. Wear parts refer to, for example, clamping rollers, belts, water pumps, spark plugs, brake pads, etc. The seller is not responsible for faults caused by incorrect installation. The article must be assembled in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and / or in a professional manner. For some repairs, it is required - according to the manufacturer's recommendations - that wear parts be replaced in connection with the article being installed. That the article is assembled in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations also includes an obligation for you to find out which components, according to the manufacturer, are to be replaced with new ones. Always contact an authorized workshop or the car manufacturer if there is any doubt about assembly and which wear parts should be replaced. The seller is not responsible for errors caused by an accident, negligence or the like after the time of delivery of the item.


Packages are at the delivery point for 14 days unless otherwise informed. If the shipment is not picked up, it is sent back to the seller. The seller reserves the right to charge a fee for unredeemed shipments.


As long as the item has not been packaged, it is possible to cancel your goods. If you want to cancel an unpaid order, it is easiest to do so directly on Bildelsbasen.se. As logged in, you go to Inquiries alt. Orders, take your order and click the Cancel button. If the option to cancel is not available, it means that the order is being processed or has been delivered. The order will then be shortly under Delivered / Received. Please call the seller as soon as possible to increase the chance that the delivery can be stopped. In the event of a delivery delay, you have the opportunity to cancel your order if the proposed delivery time is not accepted. The amount is refunded without undue delay, usually within 2 -5 working days.


If you are under 18, your guardian must approve the order. Orders made in another person's name without their consent, or in any other way that causes the seller to suffer financial or other damage are reported to the police.


The information you provide about yourself is only used internally on the site and at the relevant seller. You have the right, upon request, to access the personal data that is registered about you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request that the information be corrected or deleted.


In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery from subcontractors, costly circumstances, and a comparable event beyond the seller's control which could not be reasonably foreseen and affects concluded agreements and commitments, which means that the seller can not keep said agreement / commitments, shall form the basis for the seller to be released from his obligations to fulfill the said agreement.


Guarantees for each item are stated in the item information. Warranty is optional for the seller to offer.


If you as a consumer feel that the seller (after contact) does not meet his part of these conditions, then contact us at Bildelsbasen.se via the contact form available on this website. Enter your order number (starting with Z) and describe your case in detail, then we at Bildelsbasen Nordic AB investigate your case and contact the seller to get their statement on the case. In this way, there is an opportunity for the dispute to be resolved more quickly. If you are unsure of your rights, contact your local consumer guide or chat with the Swedish Consumer Agency at Hallakonsument.se. In the event of a dispute with a consumer, the seller follows the General Complaints Board's (ARN) recommendations. Disputes between two or more companies are usually decided in court. All possible disputes regarding these terms and conditions shall primarily be resolved by agreement between the parties. If a consensual solution cannot be reached, the dispute shall be decided by ARN or a general court with the seller's nearest district court in Sweden as the first instance.

Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these terms and related legal relations shall be settled in accordance with applicable Swedish law.

Costs that may occur in addition to your order:
  • Shipping fees will be added to your purchase.
  • Unredeemed packages: Charged for the expenses they caused.
  • Partial delivery of orders: Only at your request, entails additional shipping costs for you.
  • Return shipping: In case of late cancellation.
  • Return shipping: In connection with the right of withdrawal.
  • Additional shipping costs when purchasing extra services such as home delivery, change of recipient, place of delivery, change of date and time.
  • Reduction of value of goods in the event of a right of withdrawal. The amount is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Invoice fee via Fortus Finans may be added to approximately SEK 55 depending on the total order amount.