Sales and refunds

The company Bildelsbasen Nordic AB develops and operates the marketplace Here, affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as the seller) sell their items without intermediaries. Your contact takes place directly with the seller who answers questions, delivers and takes payment. The seller has a subscription with Bildelsbasen Nordic AB.

What is the seller responsible for?

  • The seller is responsible for the accuracy of the information and images in advertisements.
  • The seller handles inquiries, orders, deliveries, complaints, returns and refunds.
  • The seller chooses the purchase conditions, warranties, payment and shipping solutions that their company can offer, in agreement with the offerings the site offers.
  • The seller checks upon request from you that the part fits your vehicle.
  • The seller shall comply with applicable Swedish laws, Consumer Sales Act, Distance Selling Act and decision made by National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN).

What is responsible for?

We are responsible for the site's functionality, security and user experience. In case where purchasers and sellers do not reach an agreement, we can examine the case in the system and, to the best of our ability, help reach an agreement.

What are you responsible for?

You are responsible for providing accurate contact information as well as vehicle & part information in order for the seller to assess whether the part fits your vehicle. You are also responsible for examining the reasonableness of the information available, for example if an engine has a price of SEK 1000 when other equivalent engines have a price of SEK 10,000.

Purchases, returns & refunds

Please contact the seller. We recommend that you contact the seller via your order at You can find a login link in the order confirmation that has been delivered via SMS or email or log in with your order number and mobile number.

Sales and refunds