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The website is an independent marketplace for vehicle parts (hereafter referred to as advertised item) that are advertised by advertising companies (hereafter referred to as the seller).

Advertised item

All information in the form of data, text and images regarding advertised items originates from the seller. The seller is responsible for the accuracy of his or her own information. Therefore, if you have found a suspected error, you should contact the seller for correction.


Bildelsbasen Nordic AB is responsible for functionality regarding search, data processing and information texts. We work continuously to quality assure the marketplace. It is your responsibility to always check the accuracy of information and search results and in case of suspected errors you should contact us for correction. In some cases, it may occur that the error originates from another party and the error reporting is then forwarded to the interested party.

Your responsibility

It is incumbent upon you as a user to check in the event of uncertainty that the information stated on the corresponds to reality.


Bildelsbasen Nordic AB cannot be held liable for the lack of information or incorrect information.


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Legal information