Search for car parts

There are several different search methods that you can use to reach a search result. You can apply using the registration number or click on the year model. You can also search using the article number or free text in front of your search.

Search by article number

The absolutely best method to search for parts is to use a so-called article number. The article number can be the manufacturer's number or the so-called original number. You will find these numbers imprinted on the car part you want to replace. The same part can also sit on different car brands and models as well as the same model may have been equipped differently.

What is an article number?

Article number is the car manufacturer's / dealer's number to identify a unique type of part. Article numbers can be named in several different ways, including Original Number, Article Number, and Manufacturer Code and these are written on the part. In the image example on the right, the article number is written on a small plate that is attached to the part. The article number is simply the factory and the seller's own number to identify a unique type of part.

Important to remember

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish different characters in the code from each other. Examples are O (the letter) and 0 (the number), 1 (the number), I (capital letter) and l (lower case letter), and so on. Therefore, try the different possible combinations.
  • Sometimes the code contains spaces and dashes (eg TY 550-23). Always try to delete these characters (eg TY55023)
  • The part you are looking for can also be on other car makes / models than your own - Both models and make can differ (eg the same generator can be on both a VW Golf and a Skoda Fabia). Therefore, ask the seller.
  • The part can sometimes be named differently - feel free to check several categories for more hits.

Search by registration number

The next best method is to search via the car's registration number (also called regnr). Via the car's registration number, we can usually wash out the correct car make & model.

Search by car model

The third method is to locate your vehicle by selecting Make and Model.

Always check with the seller

Searching for parts using your car's registration number is a shortcut to quickly find the right car make and model. The function should only be used as an aid to arriving at the search result faster.

  • Always check with the seller. For the seller to be able to check that the car part fits with your vehicle, it is important to provide as much information as possible.
  • Enter your registration number
  • State your car make, car model, body, and year model.
  • Enter an original number and/or article number. The information is on your car part, either punched or with a label. Photograph this information and send it to the seller.
  • Feel free to attach a picture of your car part and possibly also a picture of the vehicle.
  • Request that the seller confirms that they have checked that the part fits.
  • Use order management system (inquiry/purchase) to get a written basis.

Important to remember

  • The registration number is no guarantee that the parts fit. The cars can differ considerably within the same model series, depending on equipment, factory, and model year, among other things.
  • Is your car imported? Imported cars often lack complete information in the Swedish Transport Agency's register, which means that the car is rarely identified correctly.
  • In exceptional cases, the registration number can, unfortunately, be linked to the wrong model. Therefore, always check carefully that the model matches your car. The car's registration number is linked to the chassis number obtained from the Swedish Transport Agency to be matched to the car assemblies' own stored parts and the car codes available on