Company Information

Bildelsbasen Nordic AB was registered in 1988 and the founder of the company has been active in the automotive industry since 1973. The company has developed from being a salesperson to a dealership and further as a broker of business via telephone, fax, teletext, satellite, Teleguiden and finally an Internet marketplace.

The company mainly works with the marketplace where subscribers in the form of spare parts retailers use the services advertising with systems for sales support, statistics, warehousing and integration of payment and shipping solutions.

About the company

Company details

Company name: Bildelsbasen Nordic AB

ID no.: 556321-7453

VAT: SE556321745301

Company's registered office: Kungsbacka, Sweden

Marketing strategy: Business-to-business

Activities: Development and operation of marketplaces in the automotive sector.

Number of employees: 5

Ownership relationship: Private, non-listed, family business.