Buying car parts

When you have found a car part you would like to buy, you can usually order it directly through the site. Information about the seller's terms of service, warranties, payment methods and delivery methods can be found on the part view. If there is no buy button, this may be because the part or shipping has not been priced. You can then send an inquiry to the seller. It is common that the cost of shipping to countries outside Sweden are not stated.

If the seller should check

In order for the seller to check that the car part fits your vehicle, it is important to provide as much information as possible.

  • In connection with an inquiry or order, select that you would like the seller to check whether the part fits your vehicle.
  • State your license number.
  • State your car make, car model, bodywork and model year.
  • State the part number. Photograph the information and send it to the seller.
  • Ideally include image of your car part and possibly a picture of the vehicle.
  • Ask the seller to confirm that they have checked that the part fits.
  • Use order management system (request/purchase) to produce a written document.

Cart ID

When you put a car part in your cart, the cart is given a unique reference number. You can state this ID number when contacting the seller of the car part. You can also have several car parts in your cart from different sellers. The car part is not booked until payment has been made or you have asked the seller to book the part for you. The shopping cart remains for 24 hours and you can access it again later by clicking on the cart and then entering your cart ID.

Z number

The Z-number is a reference number for your question, purchase or inquiry. Your Z-number can contain one or more car parts. State your Z-number when contacting the seller. If you have purchased multiple car parts from different sellers, a Z-number is created per selling company.


Different types of car parts are shown on the site. This can be new/used original parts, new/used economy parts as well as used refurbished car parts. In essence, it is used original parts, but the other subtypes are available as a complement to the used car parts.

The description below explains the differences between the most common types of car parts. The type of part must not be confused with quality. The different quality codes should only be specified on used car parts.

Ask the seller

If there is any ambiguity as to what type of car part the seller sells, you should ask the seller.

Type Condition Description Identify


Used, new A used car part is an original part coming from a unique vehicle. The car part in question was installed in connection with the manufacture of the vehicle. A new original part may also have been retrofitted as a replacement part and then counted as second-hand. Newly manufactured spare part in new condition without connection to a unique vehicle. The car part in question has never been fitted in a vehicle. Original means that the manufacturer of the car part is the same as the vehicle. New parts are marked as new part in the search result, as well as in the part view quality NEW. Used car parts are marked as used in the search result and have the specified quality code in the part view under Quality.


New, used Newly manufactured spare part in new condition without connection to a unique vehicle. The car part in question has never been fitted in a vehicle. Alternative means that the car part does not have the same manufacturer as the manufacturer of the vehicle for which the car part in question is suitable. Also known under the name of economy part and pirate part and TYC. Please note that the car recyclers either have the car part in stock and can deliver immediately (Delivery time: 1-3 days), or the seller orders from a third party who in turn delivers the item (Order item). Economy parts are marked as Economy part in the search results. TYC may be stated in note and/or manufacturer code in part notes in the part view.


Used A failed original part that has been reconditioned to full working condition. In some cases, the customer submits their car part for reconditioning. Specified as type Reconditioned in the search result and quality (R ) and possibly in the part notes in the part view.