B2B conditions

When ordering

By purchasing from the seller, you accept these terms. You undertake to comply with the terms in their entirety.

As a workshop or company, you are responsible for checking that the article you order fits the vehicle you are going to mount it in. To determine this, always use the original number/article number as a reference.

If you are unsure, request a written response from the seller informing whether it is fitting or not. In that case, you must provide correct information about the vehicle on which the part is to be mounted, car registration number, VIN code, and other necessary information that is of value for the seller to make an assessment.

Be sure to look at pictures and read the information and determine if the quality and number of miles correspond to the desire you have.

You are responsible for providing the correct information about the article you wish to purchase and correct invoicing information and delivery information

Upon delivery

Check your delivery immediately upon arrival. Call the seller directly if you have not received the article you ordered, or the article does not correspond to the image, quality, or information. Check that the article number matches the original part of the vehicle and the received car part.

Before mounting

All articles must be mounted professionally. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and also the seller.

Do not take any action on the article if you believe that there should be a correction. Contact the seller for approval first.

The seller is not responsible for errors caused by incorrect installation. You must replace wear parts upon mounting. You are responsible for learning which components you need to replace with new ones.


Return of goods can not take place without the seller's approval. In the event of visible delivery damage, you must report it directly to the carrier on site. The driver must acknowledge your copy of the consignment note with a note of what is damaged. Also, take photos of the extent of the damage. You should save packaging for as accurate handling as possible. Detected and approved delivery damage is compensated appropriately as soon as possible.

In the event of delivery damage or if the car part you received does not work as promised in an advertisement or conversation between the seller and you, you have the right to complain. The seller does not replace in-and-out mounting unless the article you bought has a warranty informing you about this. The seller has the right to, at his own choice, remedy the defect by repairing, re-delivering, or refunding the purchase. You as a customer do not have the right to make other claims against the seller due to errors. Under no circumstances is the seller responsible for indirect injuries or consequential damages, not even for mistakes caused by accident, negligence, and abnormal use (eg, competition activities and tuning).

The seller will always inspect your complaint article. If the seller cannot find the reason for your complaint, you will be charged an investigation fee based on an hourly cost of 600 SEK. You will then also not be reimbursed for either car parts or shipping routes. If you wish to get the car part back again, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

On return

You have the right to return the article if there has been a delivery error, i.e., you have received an article that you did not order. You are not entitled to return an article if, for example, the vehicle repairs got canceled or that you have ordered the wrong article. In some cases, exceptional cases can be approved, but it is then up to the seller to decide whether he approves the return. Always wait for approval and information from sellers before returning the article.

Unexpected costs
The seller reserves the right to post-invoice you for any additional costs incurred the seller.
These costs can, among other things, arise in the event of an incorrect delivery address, delivery obstacles, tolling, change of delivery information, change of shipping service and uncollected package.

Dispute and applicable law

All possible disputes regarding these terms and conditions shall primarily be resolved by agreement between the parties. If a consensual solution cannot be reached, the dispute shall be decided by a general court with the seller's nearest district court in Sweden as the first instance. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these terms and related legal relations shall be settled in accordance with applicable Swedish law.